June 15, 2012

Who is Blair Richmond?

I suppose that since I started this whole blog thing that I should nip something right in the bud.

Blair Richmond is not my real name.

Why, you may ask, do I not just come clean? Face my readers?

Because I'm shy.

Because I live in a small town where everybody knows everybody.

Because I feel free to write when I don't have to worry about the people I know judging me by words on a page.

I like anonymity.

I like writing in the shadows.

I like the freedom of being someone else.

And perhaps this comes across in Kat, the hero of my books. She too is both running from herself and trying to find herself.

So back to my original question: Who is Blair Richmond?

Blair Richmond lives in a small town in southern Oregon.

Blair Richmond loves nature, loves animals, and believes that we should treat nature with respect and that we should definitely not eat animals.

Blair Richmond loves running through the woods, even if only for a few minutes at a time.

If you have any other question, try that little comment thingy below and I might answer it.