September 26, 2013

Not just another vampire and ghost series

I cringe a bit when people label my books as just another ____ (insert paranormal character here) series.

Even though, at face value, these people are correct.

Yes, there are vampires in my books. And, yes, a few ghosts as well.

But to call this series just another YA ghost/vampire trilogy isn't telling the full story.

These books, and I'm boasting now, tell a larger story.

They tell a story about a young woman who risks so much to protect the land.

To protect animals.

To protect those things in life that so many of us take for granted.

The vampires. The ghosts. They have their roles to play. But it is Kat who is the hero of this series. it is Kat who inspires me every time I fire up my old creaky laptop.

What about book three you may be asking?

It's almost ready for the publisher...