July 29, 2012

Writing about running

My main character Kat is a runner.

An amazing runner.

I'm an Oregonian and we love our runners. Like the great one, Prefontaine.

Many people have asked if I'm some Olympic athlete writing incognito.

I wish.

I'm a runner but not of Olympian standards. It's a hobby. A lifestyle. An excuse to procrastinate when I'm trying to write.

But for the purposes of this blog, let's assume that I am an Olympic athlete.

With great hair.

Long legs.

Arms that don't waddle.

The endurance of a gazelle.

….. or not. But that's the fun of writing fiction. In Out of Breath, I could envision being Kat, crossing the finish line of a nose-bleeding, foot freezing mountain race. It was fun to be a competitive runner for a while, even if it was only in character.