August 8, 2012

The Ghost Runner: Coming in November!

Last fall, there was Out of Breath.

I knew I wanted to write a book about a runaway who hides out in a small town, a magical town of many secrets, only to realize that she cannot outrun her past.

I wanted to write about a young woman who believes she can make a difference in the world. And  succeeds, in ways she doesn't expect.

And I wanted to write a book about love. About how love can turn a person -- even a vampire -- into something different, something better.

But I couldn't say everything I wanted to say in one book.

I think I'll need three.

So in November we'll see book two in the Lithia Trilogy: The Ghost Runner.

Ghost runner? You mean this book features ghosts in addition to vampires?

What can I say, Lithia is a town of many secrets.

And a few new characters.

I'll have much more to say in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned...