June 19, 2012

Edward Cullen is no vegetarian

Ed's not hard on the eyes, but he ain't no vegetarian.

If there was one moment that inspired me to write Out of Breath it was reading how the Cullens from Twilight were "vegetarian" because they only sucked the blood of animals.

This is the vampire world according to Stephenie Meyer. It is an interesting world and it has served her quite well.

But it's not the world I live in.

So I decided to put my world down on paper. A world in which a vampire can be vegan -- as in truly vegan. Meaning no humans or animals are harmed.

It's possible.

That's the nice thing about books -- anything's possible. And I wanted to create a world where it's possible for vampires to change their diets the same ways that people do.

Change has to start somewhere -- why not in the imagination? If people can imagine vampires living without blood, maybe they can imagine living without meat themselves.

With all the world's focus on death these days, why not focus a little more on life?