January 14, 2013

Bad reviews suck

I try.

I try not to look at them.

The reviews.

And for the most part I've succeeded in avoiding the reviews.

But the Internet is the devil's playground. One minute you're doing some innocent research on Wikipedia and the next minute you're reading a particularly painful review of your book.

And I get upset. I stomp around. I curse the reviewer's name and wonder why she or he didn't "get it."

But then I cool down and remind myself that books are like people.

Some people you like and some you don't.

As a writer, I want my book to be liked, though I know not everyone will "get it."

And that's fine. Many people don't "get" me.

But bad reviews still suck.

Fortunately, some people do "get" me. Like this reviewer.

Okay, no more reading reviews! Time to starting writing again.

PS: If you've read either Out of Breath or The Ghost Runner -- and liked it -- please consider writing a review. We authors may say publicly that reviews don't matter -- but they do.