October 7, 2012

Kirkus says the The Ghost Runner is "thoroughly entertaining"

Kirkus Reviews is one of those publications I had never heard of before I became a writer.

But it's an important publication, if you're a writer.

Librarians read it cover to cover, or so I'm told.

Just getting a book reviewed by Kirkus is an accomplishment.

So I'm a little giddy to see this review for The Ghost Runner.

Here's an excerpt:

"Vegan vampires, Shakespearean actors, food–co-op aficionados and serious runners face off against old-school bloodsuckers and rapacious, forest-devouring builders in this follow-up to Out of Breath (2011) set in—where else?—Lithia…Spunky Kat is good company; Alex and Roman are better defined this time around, but most vivid character honors go to the setting, whose tall evergreens and babbling brooks, shadowed by brooding mountains, enhance the sturdy plot. Thoroughly entertaining."
I particularly appreciate those last two words: Thoroughly entertaining.

And, like the movies do, I'm going to use these two words everywhere I go.

I'll get bumper stickers made. Posters. T-shirts.

Or, maybe I'll simply post a thoroughly self-absorbed blog post.